Monday, March 7, 2011

My New Croc Boots

So it's March and it's kind of slushy, sort of rainy and just plan messy out. It's not cold enough to wear your winter boots -- or maybe you're just sick of wearing your heavy winter clunkers.

Lucky for you, Crocs aren't just for clogs and summertime fun. Crocs sent me a pair of these Crocband Hi Lined Boots which are totally perfect for spring. They keep you warm and dry, yes, which is important, but never have your little piggies been so comfortable in the process.

I'm a devoted Crocs fan, so I wasn't surprised that this spring time model features all the comfort and cushioning of the traditional Croc sandal, with the benefit of being waterproof. They look cute with jeans and totally work with my yoga pants. I wear them with socks and without. I've even worn them with tights and a denim skirt. I absolutely love them.

I ordered them one size up, thinking I would need room for cold weather socks but I didn't really need them. They don't really make my feet look any smaller but I don't care at all. My feet are too happy to care.

Thank you to Crocs for sending me a pair of Crocband Boots to review. As always, my opinions are my own.

The Crocs totally rock(s).

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